Depy, Music and Psychotherapy

Once upon a time there was a girl who was in love with Pinocchio and his adventures. She really admired that wooden fellow! She admired his boldness, courage, and audacity. But more than anything else, she was drawn to this incomprehensible relationship between the lying and the growing nose. She could not understand what the one had to do with the other, but she made sure she would never lie in case she suddenly found herself with a broomstick in her face! So, she decided to become a psychologist in order to investigate on a deeper level this puzzling phenomenon between lies and nose, that eventually led to the humanization of Pinocchio. The girl became a psychotherapist but she still could not understand the “lie-nose” sequence. However what she did come to realize, was something that changed her life. It was the realization that a human being becomes a “divine being” when s/he meets his/her core self through tumultuous journeys of the body and the soul. After reaching this great realization, the girl became so excited that she decided to quit her job as a psychotherapist and become a singer. For music and singing had always been her Passion. ..But then she discovered that she had modules on the vocal cords which made it very hard for her to sing for a long time without losing her voice completely. So the girl decided to trust her vulnerable voice and return to her favorite investigative job as a psychotherapist. She moved on with the certainty that Music would always be her magical fairy god mother, guiding her in her adventures! As a returning psychotherapist who was touched, changed and guided by Music, she stopped investigating as much. She discovered that she needed to enjoy the melodies of every human soul she had the privilege to meet in her office. For these were unique melodies, perfect in their imperfection and oh so divine! These soul melodies were so unique and wonderful that made her nose run rather than grow. She had finally allowed the feelings to move through her without judgment. And then it dawned on her! Oh my God, yes! That’s it! The connection had always laid between a runny nose and the ultimate human trait; Compassion for our parts that are striving to come alive as well as for our neighboring Pinocchio, whose struggles we become able to witness and hold with understanding and love. It is exactly this Connection that transforms wood into human! Alchemy!